P3O Anniversary Survey presented at BPUG UK Member’s Conference by Lenny Descamps & Petra Rona

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of P3O since it’s publication we initiated the P3O Anniversary Survey.
It was a simple survey and we used Survey Monkey. Only 10 questions. In fact: 9 questions and 1 to write down your birthday message to the P3O team who had delivered the first edition of this guidance.
So within one week time we had set up the questions, have put the survey online, promoted it only via Linkedin and within 2 weeks after that we had 100 respondents from all over the world.

Now I must say I am happy that Lenny is good with figures, so he created the graphics. My interest was specifically the lessons learned and of course putting it all together in a way that would make it a little party.
We had planned to go to the BPUG UK Member’s Conference and would surprise Sue Vowler, P3O Author, with the results and flowers. But then the organizers of BPUG UK offered us a slot to present the results ourselves. And… it would even be recorded!

You can find the presentation including the results of the 2011.11 P3O Anniversary Survey
Thank you BPUG UK board for this opportunity. Sue Vowler & Team, congratulations with the 3rd anniversary of P3O (published in Oct 2008)!


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