Proudly presenting the BOT Magazine to BPUG NL President Bob Hotho

The BPUG NL Seminar 2012 was a very special event. For the first time BOT International would be present as sponsor of a BPUG event.

Very exciting and especially the weeks before have been extremely busy. You can only make a first impression ones! So that means doing something else, but what and how? Creating a magazine had been a dream of me for years, so this was the opportunity to create one. But then it had to match with the banners of course and as sponsor we could give away a prize. That wasn’t difficult to find. Requirements: unusual & fun. A tandem jump at my home dropzone Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge!

The team of Creative Inn producing these products and organizing it all includes:,
Joost ensured everything was ready to go to press and Ellen, owner of Eeve Backoffice, organized everything and also hosted at the BPUG NL Seminar at the BOT International stand.

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