Do’s & Dont’s for your Facebook ad

Been using Facebook like forever now, but that at first to keep in touch with friends from all over the world within the skydive community. Then it became more common as social network. And the last few years you can see the rise of Facebook for business purposes. 

Got the pages for Creative Inn and others I have set up, but time to try how an ad works. Created one and surprise surprise… First it was approved, then it was rejected by Facebook mysterious Mr. X. Explanation: because of too much text in the picture itself! Apparently that is not allowed. So you learn by trial and error. Created a new ad immediately. Now wondering what it will do… Targeted US audience for a change, so probably not visible anywhere else. Funny how you can define all that. As well as your budget. Pay per day or fixed price per period for your campaign.

Interested? Check Facebook for Business.
Like to like my Creative Inn Facebook page? You are most welcome! 



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