New reserve squadrons @RNLAF

A special day yesterday. Starting the day with our former 600, 601, 602, 603, 604 Squadrons… And ending the day with a ceremony welcoming our commanders of the two new squadrons we have now: 519 (Northern area) and 520 (Southern area). And in between more ceremonies.

Our #veterans have been honoured for their service abroad and a memorial medal was given to a select group who had had the honour to represent us at the King’s ceremony this year.

Good to see our 604 Eagle is still alive with 519 Squadron. And I am happy to serve with 520 Squadron ‘Non plus ultra’.

Non plus Ultra – Till here and no further To me this expresses the feeling I have towards #politics when it comes to defence.

How can politicians justify asking for sacrifices, increasing the number of missions while this work has to be done with fewer people?

How can it be that the government invests so little in defence while the impact could be huge for export and import? This trade is a win-win and supports economic development in an equal way. #fairtrade

Are we not aware how much we depend on trade (and therefore on defence enabling this) so we can do our daily shopping in the supermarket?

What defence deserves is a fair budget, care and respect. All necessary to do the job they are supposed to do for all of us in the best way possible. That is my ‘Non Plus Ultra’. #twiceacitizen Happy to serve!



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